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v325 (4/1/2020)

  • Custom Reports: Optionally add date pickers for ReportDownload page
  • Custom Reports: Have start and end time on unpaid holidays
  • Custom Reports: Create a feature setting and help for TodoLists
  • Custom Reports: User filtering by their working time for Performance Analysis reports
  • Implement "Report pair" feature for Performance reports when the "User link" feature is used
  • Enable Custom reports to use client IP collections, not just IsInOffice info
  • SQL performance boost regarding ClientComputerAddresses
  • Add Cancel subscription feature
  • Some localization changes
  • Add coupon code and AffiliateId to the "new company registered" email
  • Add coupon code and AffiliateId to the RegisteredCompanies and to its related page
  • Fix for: Screenshots are not visible in RTA in some rare cases
  • Fix for: Empty task issue in DynamicWorkflow report

v324 (3/25/2020)

  • Show a loading icon when displaying a favorite report in a new HTML page
  • Custom Reports: Optimize performance of the Activity Report
  • Custom Reports: Optimize performance of the WorktimeAnalysis Report
  • Custom Reports: Optimize data container building for Performance Analysis report
  • Custom Reports: Optimize Missing collection building
  • Custom Reports: Make querying holiday limits faster
  • Custom Reports: Some minor changes in the Performance Analysis report
  • Some minor changes in the public API help
  • Some minor changes in the custom report API help
  • Optimize getting schedules for thousands of users
  • Optimize getting holidays and sick-leaves for thousands of users
  • Create accordion for 3rd column in the favorite reports table
  • Create 2 new KPIs: "ActiveNonproductiveTime" and "TotalWithOffline"
  • Fix for: To-do list message adding ignores email settings
  • Fix for: Holidays page throws js error in case of WorkerGroups
  • Fix for: DataPrivacy HTML text is not well-formed
  • Fix for: Role editing fails sometimes
  • Fix for: DeletedAt field is not populated in public API's GetOrganizationHierarchy methods
  • Fix for: Status field is not populated properly in public API's GetOrganizationHierarchy methods
  • Fix for: Possibly wrong TodoList character encoding on website

v323 (3/18/2020)

  • Custom Reports: Enable TodoList items for the reports
  • Custom Reports: Add ProductiveState to ActivityReport
  • Custom Reports: Some major modifications and improvement regarding Performance Analysis report
  • Custom Reports: In Performance reports, sort users in the Summary table like the company tree in alphabetic order
  • Change contact info on JobCTRL main page
  • Support Affiliates for newly registered companies
  • On Holidays page, IsWholeDay checkbox should not post back page to the server
  • On Holidays page, updates for holidays should handle IsWholeDay checkbox
  • Real-Time Activity page should show TodoLists on a new tab
  • Fix for: QuickIM error in Brazilian server
  • Fix for: a minor error regarding core time Violations in Performance Reports

v322 (3/11/2020)

  • Add new functions for user groups and for users to the public API
  • Marketing: change Brazilian contact
  • Technical holidays should not trigger "holiday limit violation" emails
  • Add new Subscription page to show invoices to users
  • Custom Reports Performance boost: check all reports if their compiled version could be cached and if so then cache them
  • Custom Reports: don't duplicate task name in the performance analysis report's top 10 task table

v321 (3/4/2020)

  • Custom Reports: add TotalTimeWithLeaves into CalculatorProvider
  • Custom Reports: Some minor fixes in TechnicalHolidayReport
  • Custom Reports: Order users in the HTML format of Performance analysis report
  • Custom Reports: In the performance analysis report, set footer message display in nettingConfig
  • Remove tree modal, use custom popover instead in hierarchy search controls
  • Replace the loading icon in Resource Manager
  • Email settings were not properly handled in case of holiday request page for the time being + invalid cookie name on the requested schedules page
  • Fix for: isRegex and ignoreCase checkboxes do not work when creating new rules
  • Fix for: force init for HS controls on the auto rules page
  • Fix for: group and role assignments are visible with employee access level in Resource Manager

v320 (2/26/2020)

  • Custom Reports: Support the downloading of dashboard widgets in BETA and Raw formats
  • Sync "Visibility of collected data" settings to "Clients data collection" at SystemSettings page
  • During a system validation check, separate invalid and failed statuses (e.g. when the database is inaccessible)
  • Change localization in PerfIndex report's excel
  • Remove bold-ness from a label on the 2 Performance reports
  • Custom Reports: update TaskGroup calculator
  • Layout fix for email reports in Lotus Notes
  • Fix for: do not cache filter settings to local storage on approval pages
  • Fix for: multiple instances of babel-polyfill
  • Fix for: cannot scroll HS's tree view on the Profiles page
  • Custom Reports: Globally fix KpiProvider snippet's code (add User with Id 0)

v319 (2/19/2020)

  • Add a new plugin: Internal.HStat
  • Delete typed text from HierarchySearch text input whenever an element is added
  • Do not show a warning if selected users are not available in HS on Dashboard
  • Change the color of titles in the time picker
  • Create Worktime functions for Mobile Server to the ClientAPI
  • Hide BETA and RawData report parameters on the reports page
  • Add tooltips to "Generate detailed excel" report parameter
  • Custom Reports: Update some calculators and add support for new total time KPI-operand
  • Some minor fixes in performance analysis report (logo, user link, GPS table)
  • Some minor fixes in technical-holiday report
  • Fix for: table of keyword-based rules breaks out from the container
  • Fix for: selecting offline working time item triggers expanding details

v318 (2/12/2020)

  • Some minor changes related to RestApi
  • Custom Reports performance optimization: Dynamically calculate the size of the internal BlockingCollection
  • Custom Reports performance optimization: Log messages only once during collection building
  • Performance improvement: Periodically compact large object heap (reports use LOH extensively and create fragments)
  • Performance analysis report optimizations: Optimize for many users but 1-day long period
  • Some minor changes in the user-link feature in the Performance analysis report
  • Remove LastChangedAt field of Missing DTO on public API
  • Create a website job that automatically registers holidays based on a dedicated custom report
  • WorktimeSchedule requests should include "requested by" info
  • Fix for: Task times added twice when added to the dictionary in performance analysis report
  • Fix for: domain login js error
  • Fix for: In custom reports, unpaid holidays didn't have expected time
  • Fix for: missing error handling when creating/updating slots for widgets
  • Fix for: do not duplicate KPI categories in the dropdown when changing language
  • Fix for: modify button on the offline page does not get button style rules
  • Fix for: dashboard widget's scrollbar does not work
  • Fix for: cannot use the bulk move in hierarchy trees

v317 (2/5/2020)

  • Some major performance improvements for Performance analysis report
  • Replace status icons with font icons + remove unused icons
  • Some major code refactoring regarding users and nodes
  • Fix for: AudioFileReport page crashes on load
  • Fix for: report access and excel protection checkboxes are missing from report definitions page
  • Fix for: broken table layout in IE on Central reports page
  • Fix some style rules for productivity tables
  • Fix for: out of office KPIs calculate holiday and sick-leave as well
  • Fix for: make selected KPIs sortable again in performance reports' settings
  • Fix for: In Performance Analysis reports, handle ShowReport switch correctly even if the report is empty

v316 (1/29/2020)

  • Add new parameter for Perf reports to indicate if the user wants to analyze or not
  • Change modal scrolling on Dictionary auto rule page
  • WorktimeReportByDay: Calculate Total working time in Core time as well so it can be shown to users in the CoreTime violation cell (for single days only)
  • WorktimeReport's idle time setting must be dynamically shown in the report (also change 5 minutes to 2 minutes)
  • Some minor changes on ratings and welcome pages
  • Use info icon for all info alerts
  • Fix for: Do not show create task icon for users who have no permission for task management on Dictionary auto rule page
  • Fix for: task Hierarchy Search control is available for a user having no task/project management permission on productivity page
  • Fix for: date error on the schedules page
  • Fix for: In the work time analysis report template change active and inactive on the status sheet
  • Fix for: Violation calculator calculates the minimum end of working time incorrectly when endOffset field is not zero

How to start

  • The desktop application is an integrated part of JobCTRL® which, in active status, documents work activity and records the active times spent on tasks and projects in order to create reports and detailed analytics about individual and corporate performances.

    If you have not downloaded and installed the desktop application yet then you can do it by choosing Install JobCTRL® applications from the dropdown next to your name on the upper right corner and after selecting the application you prefer.

    You can start or stop the application with a double click (with the left mouse button) on the icon (). (The system considers the IP address at registration as office network so it will show "Working in office" status if any user is connected to the internet from that address. Connection from any other address will be marked as "Working outside the office" status. If you find an error in the statuses shown, we suggest you to doublecheck the IP address settings in the Company networks menu () and modify them if necessary.)

    For your convenience the default setup is automated task generation and automated task switching, which further reduces the manual task administration. As long as the automated task generation and task switching mode is active it overwrites the manual task selection. You can make automated task documentation even more precise with setting up personal rules.

    You can switch off automated task switching mode any time in the Default settings menu () or by CTRL + double click on the desktop application icon (). It enables manual task selection until unlocking this feature the same way.

  • By default we have created a user group with you as the only member.

    To add more co-workers go to the Configure and Manage/Users, user groups settings/User accounts (). Here you can add more users in two ways: add them one by one by clicking on the new user icon or you can upload a complete group or organization with the downloadable Excel template.

    In the user hierarchy you can also move user groups and users in the batch with the "Mass move" icon.

  • All registered work is always linked to a specific task. So for accurate work administration you have to create the tasks that the users can work on in the Configure and Manage/Project, task/General data () menu. By default we have created 5 tasks (Administration, E-mail handling, JC360 Administration, Meeting, Break) from which you can already choose to register your work. When you create more new projects or tasks add its period, priority, target cost and estimated time.

    At the same time of adding new projects or tasks in the pop-up you can also assign them to your coworkers at the "Project members" or in the "Assignment" section.

  • You can achieve maximum accuracy in documenting work time with the automated task switch and logout features. You can easily set up automated rules with keywords in the Keyword based rules () menu.

    The system is capable to recognize keywords in the To, From or Subject line of the emails, in the title or the process name of the active applications, in the address bar (URL) of the browser or in Office document file names and file paths.

    Task switching rules apply to all users assigned to the tasks, while logout rules can be assigned to individual users, as well.

  • If you need to find out which of your coworkers are active, who are in the office or where the mobile users are then select the Real-time activity () menu. On this page you can see the continually updated statuses of users, including work locations (office, home or mobile position) and the latest daily work time statistics, the progress of their tasks, their work documented with the mobile application and the documented screenshots connected to their work on the computer.

    You can apply filters to focus only for a selected group of users or activity data.

  • In the Dashboard menu you can get a real time insight to the reports you’re the most interested in.

    You can see the following informations on the widgets: activities of the employees, their worktime of the previous days, their application usage and internet browsing. You can check their worktime balance and productive worktime on computer.

    As from the Reports menu, you can download the reports from here as well. You can add your favorite reports to your dashboard besides the default widgets.

  • On the Analyze and improve/Reports () page we have collected a variety of report templates to create your own statistics from the vast amount of work data collected by the applications. The reports are arranged into four groups according to their contents: Primary data reports, Activity reports, Aggregate business reports, Executive reports.

    You can save any of your customized report settings by adding them to your Favourite reports. You can also set up automated delivery for your favourite reports. This way you can access the latest statistics also from your mailbox in accordance with your report delivery settings.

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