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v355 (10/28/2020)

  • BackOffice: Order data maintenance intervals by day and then by start time
  • Save the date when company status is changed
  • Increase the maximum length of the fields in the Domain Users table (allow extra-long values during AD synchronization)
  • Add extra logging for requesting productivity items
  • Enhance nightly deletion job by handling deleted users and companies efficiently
  • Some localization changes
  • Fix for: Some minor changes for default transaction reports
  • Fix for: In Working Time Balance widget, show every active worker
  • Fix for: In Performance Analysis report, show people working on weekends in highlighted KPI column chart
  • Fix for: Captured keys of snippets are not queried upon report TUP generation

v354 (10/21/2020)

  • Some performance boost for nightly deletion job even if ComputerId exists
  • Add working time schedule categories to approval page and emails
  • Productivity Analysis report shows a "Report is empty" message when there is no working time for the queried users
  • BackOffice should be able to request logs from mobile clients
  • Ability to control if the MyPerformance report in the client is shown for a user or not
  • Create some useful statistics when the nightly deletion job is running
  • BETA: Update the default transaction report
  • Working time balance report: Remove the filtering of users based on their last login date
  • Fix for: Concurrent holiday approval of the same context should not allow multiple insertions of manualworkitems
  • Fix for: not sending certain emails if the support email address is not found in the web config's appsettings section
  • Fix for: cannot modify "send activation emails to users" checkbox at the Taskuser page's user editor dialog
  • Fix for: tasks' keyword-based rules are not shown properly in task/default.aspx page
  • Fix for: Do not allow adding multiple Daily Working Time intervals for the same day at SystemSettings's UI

v353 (10/14/2020)

  • Implement 2-factor authentication with a passcode in email
  • Dashboard: Change the order of widgets in the Add New section, so the default widgets with images come forward
  • Handle the case when 2 PCs are running simultaneously and delete working time only from one device
  • Send notification email when someone logs in from a client device
  • Change the default reports, tasks, KPIs, profiles, productivities, and rules to support online meetings better
  • Some localization changes
  • Some Marketing changes
  • Fix for: Avoid overflow on aggregated pie chart Dashboard widgets
  • Fix for: Downloaded excel of Task hierarchy doesn't contain the deepest empty project levels in some rare cases
  • Fix for: Meeting sync may fail sometimes when deleting meetings by negative time zones
  • Fix for: Login email addresses are case sensitive in some very rare cases
  • Fix for: In some cases EmailSetting's save button is disabled

v352 (10/7/2020)

  • Add new JobCTRL.IAccessibility plugin
  • Remove pricing info for a while
  • Working time by day report: update calculating time of schedule categories
  • Some minor changes in the Holiday report
  • Show progress of deleting personal information in percent (in the logs)
  • Dashboard default page will automatically redirect to the ErrorLogMessages page instead of containing some informational text
  • BETA: Introduce Login notification email setting
  • BETA: Introduce 2-Factor Authentication system setting
  • Fix for: HolidayHistory report fails due to some WorkDayCalculator issue in rare cases
  • Meeting sync fails with an unrepresentable DateTime on the Brazilian server in some rare cases

v351 (9/30/2020)

  • Performance Analysis report: People on holiday don't count into the average
  • Performance Analysis report: Add some default inactive productive processes
  • Support email sending network credential's domain configuration (office365)
  • BackOffice: Do not show the silent login button if the company is not in Activated state
  • BackOffice: Do not show "company cannot be deleted" text if a deleted company is selected. Show only if the deleted status is selected manually.
  • Automatically scroll down to downloaded HTML report after clicking the "Display" button
  • Do not allow concurrent user and user group creation with the same email/activedirprinc
  • Support some kind of Permanent links to reports for QuickCard
  • Fix for: report download pages filter icon position
  • Fix for: companies on deployed servers can receive "trial ended" email
  • Fix for: WorktimeSchedule EmailSetting's "All accessible user" checkbox depends on a BackOffice setting
  • Fix for: Previously inserted invalid data in EmailSettingsIncludedMembers SQL table
  • Fix for: Worktime by day report and Mobile location report don't handle the case when the report is empty

v350 (9/23/2020)

  • Working time schedule category should be included in public API methods
  • Add the GetWorktimeScheduleCategories() function to the public API
  • Fix for: Sending TrialEnded FollowupEmails for administrator users by mistake
  • Fix for: missing menu items from both the page content's vertical and horizontal menu only if just the last menu item should be visible
  • Fix for: UI password validation is not checking special characters correctly
  • Fix for: Task productivity is treated as 'no limit' when only MobileCall setting was given, also the inheritance of tasks wasn't handled correctly as well
  • Fix for: Some component of RTA do not respect time zone view settings

v349 (9/16/2020)

  • Add UserHistory required feature to the Performance Analysis Report
  • On the Company Networks page, for the Company IP ranges allow the end of the range to be equal with the start IP of the range
  • Suggest some possible IP Addresses to users on the Company networks page
  • Major code refactoring of the old-fashioned tables on some pages (Company networks, Central and My rules, Templates, Task Categories, Holidays, and 8 more)
  • Performance Analysis report: People on holiday or on sick-leave shouldn't be included in the highlighted KPI average
  • Send follow up emails to Administrators as well
  • BackOffice: Do not allow to set CompanyStatus to deleted in the BackOffice (allow only via the website (Company Subscription Cancellation page))
  • Simplify EmailSettings page's UI
  • Bring back the old UseGps system setting
  • Allow newly created company's administrators to manage all users by default (existing companies will be unaffected)
  • Add new some new features to the TaskUser page: Hand over registrator status, Filter users and tasks, Mass user/group move, Mass task/project move
  • Modify mass move features' "UI" to prevent moving from/to a target that is invalid
  • Make mass user/group move button disabled if the user has permission but has no item to move
  • Optimize the deserialization of working time schedule objects
  • Do not let report run and do some logging when technical holidays are allowed in BO but there aren't any user with the corresponding system setting on
  • Technical holidays job should watch out for unpaid holiday categories
  • Fix for: New External contacts for projects could not be created
  • Fix for: The icons in the user tree are not refreshed after the "hand over registrator status" operation
  • Fix for: Show error messages properly if a mass user move operation failed
  • Fix for: On the Central Rules page the hierarchy search controls of central rule and mobile rule assignments lose their selected elements after save

v348 (9/9/2020)

  • Custom Reports: Add "UserHistoryCollection" to the input serialization script
  • Custom Reports: Extend profiles with lists showing which users and groups are assigned to them so the reports can calculate effective profile of user dynamically
  • Custom Reports: Add GetAllProfiles() function to the InnerCode class as well
  • Some minor changes in the Performance Analysis report
  • Fix for: Some shift in project start and end date management on UI (negative time zone issues)

v347 (9/2/2020)

  • Productivity analysis report: Define the minimum number of users in a more sophisticated way
  • Performance analysis report: The highlighted KPI value should be the same in the overall and column chart
  • Custom Reports: KpiProviderSnippet should be loaded from a file instead of database
  • Fix for: Strange schedule-related date issue (fails when the date is the last day of the month)
  • Fix for: Showing daily working times on schedules page throws when target working time intervals is NULL (untouched since feature release) in system settings

v346 (8/26/2020)

  • Eliminate some missing resource node issues in the Korean language
  • Delete Sensor related collected items as well when using the Sensor feature in Client data collection setting
  • In Client data collection setting section rename "GPS locations" to "mobile locations"
  • Fix for: Mobile client collects data even if GPS feature is turned off in Client data collection setting
  • Working time schedule section on holidays page should display some helpful info of user's expected working time

How to start

  • The desktop application is an integrated part of JobCTRL® which, in active status, documents work activity and records the active times spent on tasks and projects in order to create reports and detailed analytics about individual and corporate performances.

    If you have not downloaded and installed the desktop application yet then you can do it by choosing Install JobCTRL® applications from the dropdown next to your name on the upper right corner and after selecting the application you prefer.

    You can start or stop the application with a double click (with the left mouse button) on the icon (). (The system considers the IP address at registration as office network so it will show "Working in office" status if any user is connected to the internet from that address. Connection from any other address will be marked as "Working outside the office" status. If you find an error in the statuses shown, we suggest you to doublecheck the IP address settings in the Company networks menu () and modify them if necessary.)

    For your convenience the default setup is automated task generation and automated task switching, which further reduces the manual task administration. As long as the automated task generation and task switching mode is active it overwrites the manual task selection. You can make automated task documentation even more precise with setting up personal rules.

    You can switch off automated task switching mode any time in the Default settings menu () or by CTRL + double click on the desktop application icon (). It enables manual task selection until unlocking this feature the same way.

  • By default we have created a user group with you as the only member.

    To add more co-workers go to the Configure and Manage/Users, user groups settings/User accounts (). Here you can add more users in two ways: add them one by one by clicking on the new user icon or you can upload a complete group or organization with the downloadable Excel template.

    In the user hierarchy you can also move user groups and users in the batch with the "Mass move" icon.

  • All registered work is always linked to a specific task. So for accurate work administration you have to create the tasks that the users can work on in the Configure and Manage/Project, task/General data () menu. By default we have created 5 tasks (Administration, E-mail handling, JC360 Administration, Meeting, Break) from which you can already choose to register your work. When you create more new projects or tasks add its period, priority, target cost and estimated time.

    At the same time of adding new projects or tasks in the pop-up you can also assign them to your coworkers at the "Project members" or in the "Assignment" section.

  • You can achieve maximum accuracy in documenting work time with the automated task switch and logout features. You can easily set up automated rules with keywords in the Keyword based rules () menu.

    The system is capable to recognize keywords in the To, From or Subject line of the emails, in the title or the process name of the active applications, in the address bar (URL) of the browser or in Office document file names and file paths.

    Task switching rules apply to all users assigned to the tasks, while logout rules can be assigned to individual users, as well.

  • If you need to find out which of your coworkers are active, who are in the office or where the mobile users are then select the Real-time activity () menu. On this page you can see the continually updated statuses of users, including work locations (office, home or mobile position) and the latest daily work time statistics, the progress of their tasks, their work documented with the mobile application and the documented screenshots connected to their work on the computer.

    You can apply filters to focus only for a selected group of users or activity data.

  • The active time with tasks, applications, documents, e-mails or websites which are set as productive compared to the total registered work time. In case of desktop time only the active time is used for calculation. (Active time is when desktop keyboard activity is not interrupted with breaks longer than 2 minutes.)

  • In the Dashboard menu you can get a real time insight to the reports you’re the most interested in.

    You can see the following informations on the widgets: activities of the employees, their worktime of the previous days, their application usage and internet browsing. You can check their worktime balance and productive worktime on computer.

    As from the Reports menu, you can download the reports from here as well. You can add your favorite reports to your dashboard besides the default widgets.

  • On the Analyze and improve/Reports () page we have collected a variety of report templates to create your own statistics from the vast amount of work data collected by the applications. The reports are arranged into four groups according to their contents: Primary data reports, Activity reports, Aggregate business reports, Executive reports.

    You can save any of your customized report settings by adding them to your Favourite reports. You can also set up automated delivery for your favourite reports. This way you can access the latest statistics also from your mailbox in accordance with your report delivery settings.

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