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v374 (4/7/2021)

  • Custom Reports: Add options for downloading Raw data
  • In Organization hierarchy export, move the "supervisor's groups" column to the non-importable sheet from the importable sheet
  • Some Performance optimization regarding querying task groups
  • Add a new time zone for Cancun (Mexico)
  • Clear UserHierarchySearchWithStatusFilter control's selected items when its filter is modified
  • Public API Help: Add possible values of User's CultureId property
  • Extend public API: Add IsWholeDay field to GetHolidays and GetSickleaves methods
  • Extend public API: Add TargetWorktimeIntervals field to UserEffectiveSettings
  • Add a new API method to "get saved favorite reports for the registrator user"
  • Add a new RestAPI method to "download favorite reports"
  • Fix for: UserHierarchySearchWithStatusFilter control's dropdown tree selection shows its selected items improperly when its data source changed
  • Fix for: password strength JS error

v373 (3/31/2021)

  • Delete 5th April from the Korean calendar
  • Show overlapping meetings in carpet diagram
  • Some localization changes
  • Set Screenshot Storage Limit to 1 month
  • Add user status selector to annual leave/sick leave report page
  • Bootstrapify report download pages
  • Fix CSS classes in OfflineWorkingTime page (container & column)
  • Fix for: ScreenshotStorageLimit SystemSetting cannot be modified in some cases

v372 (3/24/2021)

  • Nightly GDPR deletion job should use the new Screenshot retain parameter as well
  • Extend public API's help with the new "Isdeleted" parameter in GetAllUsers() and GetAllUserGroups() functions
  • Add help for the new function and classes regarding the activity events
  • Some Korean localization changes
  • Public API: Remove NodeId from Worker object
  • Fix for: BackOffice pages can be accessed in the same session until the Ecomm online check is timed out
  • Fix for: SystemSettingEditor throws when the user has no SystemSetting yet

v371 (3/17/2021)

  • Custom Reports: Allow reports to query users' activity events
  • Public API: Allow API users to query deleted groups and users as well
  • Replace table elements to Bootstrap grid (bootstrapify) on some pages
  • Introduce a new system setting to set screenshot storage limit
  • Introduce a new system setting to be able to enable/disable "partial day leaves" for users
  • Fix for: Change the template of the Corporate Analysis report
  • Fix for: Switch to complex keyword-based rule link is invalid
  • Fix for: cannot create/modify keyword-based rules in some cases
  • Fix for: Firefox throws an error when we reset the Hierarchy search form (on multiple pages)

v370 (3/10/2021)

  • Add sorting feature (drag&drop) for add/edit profiles in profiles page
  • Increase datePicker's general width so dates will be fully visible even in Hungarian
  • ProcessUrl report: Change the underlying Excel template
  • Fix for: Chrome rarely adds a mysterious hyphen in the Summary KPI table
  • Fix for: Help page is broken due to empty CSS file
  • Fix for: Only the logged in user is visible in the user selector on the Quick overview page
  • Fix for: "clear all" link doesn't disappear when we reset the filter in the "Leave requests" page

v369 (3/3/2021)

  • Custom Reports: Extended ExpectedTimeCalculator class with ExpectedOvertime part
  • Custom Reports: Added OvertimeCalculator class
  • Custom Reports: Change Profile.TargetsByKpiId to Profile.KpiTargets
  • Use Bootstrap on the user accounts, offline work time, and on the login pages
  • Create some new User-related API functions
  • WorktimeScheduleRequestApproval page should respect email settings of work time schedules
  • Fix for: In the Employee Leave report's Holiday sheet the Changed by name and ExtId columns are swapped
  • Fix for: hierarchySearch active & checkbox colors
  • Fix for: Add Dec 24 to Hungarian calendar as non-workday
  • Fix for: Processmeetings job fails if the user is of a not active company
  • Fix for: ResourceManager fails because Organization hierarchy cannot be serialized

v368 (2/24/2021)

  • Add some extra user info to the Excel version of the organization hierarchy
  • Show favorite report filter only for administrators
  • Replace icons and change HTML structure on the Install JC360 applications page
  • Increase date input's width
  • Some minor fixes in custom reports
  • Fix for: add first and last inactive tup hiding parameter to old reports

v367 (2/17/2021)

  • Allow users to filter the favorite reports table by report owner
  • Project Report: Show holidays to project leaders as well when they have the necessary permissions
  • Custom Reports: Add LastChangedAt field to Holiday class
  • Add and update Portuguese localizations
  • Some performance boost regarding the screenshot download feature
  • Add clear all button for hierarchy search
  • Fix for: ScreenshotDownload related issues (unknown error in rare cases, filename issue)
  • Fix for: cannot interrupt screenshot zip file assembling process in some cases
  • Fix for: In Corporate Analysis report, use group levels parameter

v366 (2/10/2021)

  • Add option to download screenshots on the Quick Overview page
  • Add ability to override the waiting time after which custom report generation is interrupted (default is 2 hours)
  • Add release notes for Pc client v2.4.365.2664, plus fix "version in content"-issue
  • Fix for: Calendar may fail with certain startdate-enddate values
  • Fix for: hierarchySearch label & icon's style (incorrect css properties for the active and focused state)
  • Fix for: infinite loading icon pops up in the sidebar when we click on the separating line
  • Fix for: In Performance Analysis report, avoid generating detailed excel every time

v365 (2/4/2021)

  • Let API ImportUsersAndGroups be parametrizable whether callers want to delete unmatched items or not
  • Email address parameter of UpdateUser sp should always be used to update the Email field of the User table
  • Change the name of the downloaded excel of the ProcessUrl report
  • Colors of tasks created upon registration should be much more different
  • Allow administrators to change central favorite reports
  • Todo list: add current date for filter input and fix columns of Bootstrap grid
  • Add default value for startTime/endTime (worktime schedule page), plus add timepicker autoOpen functionality (only startTime)
  • Some localization changes
  • Custom Report: Rename sheets in ProcessUrl report
  • Custom Report: Update KPIProvider snippet
  • Fix for: ActiveDirectoryPrincipalName collision should be checked in the same company against active and inactive users, excluding deleted users
  • Fix for: Add a new template for the Corporate Analysis report
  • Fix for: Corporate analysis report fails due to the incorrect handling of KpiIdList parameter
  • Fix for: Leave calendar - Month displaying issue

How to start

  • The desktop application is an integrated part of JC360® which, in active status, documents work activity and records the active times spent on tasks and projects in order to create reports and detailed analytics about individual and corporate performances.

    If you have not downloaded and installed the desktop application yet then you can do it by choosing Install JC360® applications from the dropdown next to your name on the upper right corner and after selecting the application you prefer.

    You can start or stop the application with a double click (with the left mouse button) on the icon (). (The system considers the IP address at registration as office network so it will show "Working in office" status if any user is connected to the internet from that address. Connection from any other address will be marked as "Working outside the office" status. If you find an error in the statuses shown, we suggest you to doublecheck the IP address settings in the Company networks menu () and modify them if necessary.)

    For your convenience the default setup is automated task generation and automated task switching, which further reduces the manual task administration. As long as the automated task generation and task switching mode is active it overwrites the manual task selection. You can make automated task documentation even more precise with setting up personal rules.

    You can switch off automated task switching mode any time in the Default settings menu () or by CTRL + double click on the desktop application icon (). It enables manual task selection until unlocking this feature the same way.

  • By default we have created a user group with you as the only member.

    To add more co-workers go to the Configure and Manage/Users, user groups settings/User accounts (). Here you can add more users in two ways: add them one by one by clicking on the new user icon or you can upload a complete group or organization with the downloadable Excel template.

    In the user hierarchy you can also move user groups and users in the batch with the "Mass move" icon.

  • All registered work is always linked to a specific task. So for accurate work administration you have to create the tasks that the users can work on in the Configure and Manage/Project, task/General data () menu. By default we have created 5 tasks (Administration, E-mail handling, JC360 Administration, Meeting, Break) from which you can already choose to register your work. When you create more new projects or tasks add its period, priority, target cost and estimated time.

    At the same time of adding new projects or tasks in the pop-up you can also assign them to your coworkers at the "Project members" or in the "Assignment" section.

  • You can achieve maximum accuracy in documenting work time with the automated task switch and logout features. You can easily set up automated rules with keywords in the Keyword based rules () menu.

    The system is capable to recognize keywords in the To, From or Subject line of the emails, in the title or the process name of the active applications, in the address bar (URL) of the browser or in Office document file names and file paths.

    Task switching rules apply to all users assigned to the tasks, while logout rules can be assigned to individual users, as well.

  • If you need to find out which of your coworkers are active, who are in the office or where the mobile users are then select the Real-time activity () menu. On this page you can see the continually updated statuses of users, including work locations (office, home or mobile position) and the latest daily work time statistics, the progress of their tasks, their work documented with the mobile application and the documented screenshots connected to their work on the computer.

    You can apply filters to focus only for a selected group of users or activity data.

  • The active time with tasks, applications, documents, e-mails or websites which are set as productive compared to the total registered work time. In case of desktop time only the active time is used for calculation. (Active time is when desktop keyboard activity is not interrupted with breaks longer than 2 minutes.)

  • In the Dashboard menu you can get a real time insight to the reports you’re the most interested in.

    You can see the following informations on the widgets: activities of the employees, their worktime of the previous days, their application usage and internet browsing. You can check their worktime balance and productive worktime on computer.

    As from the Reports menu, you can download the reports from here as well. You can add your favorite reports to your dashboard besides the default widgets.

  • On the Analyze and improve/Reports () page we have collected a variety of report templates to create your own statistics from the vast amount of work data collected by the applications. The reports are arranged into four groups according to their contents: Primary data reports, Activity reports, Aggregate business reports, Executive reports.

    You can save any of your customized report settings by adding them to your Favourite reports. You can also set up automated delivery for your favourite reports. This way you can access the latest statistics also from your mailbox in accordance with your report delivery settings.

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