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v314 (1/15/2020)

  • Add release details for the new PC client version
  • Custom Reports: Some minor changes and fixes in Performance Analysis report
  • Custom reports: Some changes in the internal framework of custom reports
  • Extend KPI table with new table features
  • Working time table on Worktime modification page
  • Use search control for KPI selection in profiles page instead of dropdown
  • Create calendars for 2020
  • Add new "Productivity setting modification request" page where workers and project leaders are allowed to request productivity modifications while supervisors and admins are allowed to add productivity settings
  • Email sending of Productivity setting modification requests can be managed on the EmailSettings page

v313 (1/8/2020)

  • Custom Reports: Update backend part of some calculators and the performance reports
  • Custom Reports: Change the backend part of the technical HolidayReport
  • Cancel schedule editor row before closing the modal window
  • Replace GDPR contents
  • Fix for: cannot handle multiple autocomplete on the same page

v312 (12/18/2019)

  • Custom Reports: update TotalTimeCalculator with new operand: TotalTimeWithoutLeaves
  • Some minor changes in the list of KPIs
  • Introduce categorized KPIs
  • Remove the support of "NodeId=xxx" in querystring
  • Fix for: On daily schedules page close editor row in table editor if action buttons get disabled
  • Fix for: Some tiled reports calculate productivity but some captured keys are not added to the report
  • Fix for: Unhandled exception on holidays page when the user group is selected and there are missings spanning over calendar range
  • Fix for: Cannot save accent characters to company's billing information
  • Fix some issues regarding working time calculation

v311 (12/13/2019)

  • Custom Reports: Allow reports to get the Id of the favorite report currently running
  • Custom Reports: Add "use link in email" parameter to performance analysis report
  • Optimizing the deletion of personal user info (reduce the number of affected users)
  • Update KPIs and KPI Operands
  • Optimizations of performance report emails' HTML output when shown in Lotus Notes
  • Add tooltips for the notification icons of schedule intervals
  • Enable schedules with leaves on UI
  • Holidays page should respect daily schedules (Users can now select workdays from calendar by daily schedules)
  • Sitewide workday and expected working time calculations should include the daily schedule info as well
  • Redirect logged out users to the login page on download report technical page as well
  • Some localization changes
  • Fix for: Code snippet table falls apart if the content is too long
  • Fix monthly report scheduling when report should fire next year but fired int the current year last time

v310 (12/4/2019)

  • Report templates performance optimizations: Further reduce HTML code amount in KPI table
  • Custom Reports: Change logging of BETA version (even if there is a compile error)
  • Update help images for the showcase website

v309 (11/27/2019)

  • Custom Reports: Auto sort data in the Index examination sheet of the performance summary template
  • Add pc client and pc server changes to release notes page
  • Officially release the Daily schedules feature
  • Add Schedules to the daily diagram as background info instead of a standalone row
  • Add VoxCTRL usage distribution to ErrorLogMessages charts page
  • Some localization changes
  • Some performance optimizations in performance report HTML templates (e.g. reduce HTML code amount)
  • WorktimeSchedules page must support items overlapping to/from other days
  • Introduce new RestAPI method to download reports in a more optimized way
  • Fix for: Status settings are not applied after page load on Real-time activity page
  • Fix for: Collapse icon for filter block is rotated double times on Real-time activity page
  • Fix for: IsPlanned cannot be clicked in Task Details Editor

v308 (11/20/2019)

  • Show compile errors on Report details page
  • Create user control from required features
  • Custom Reports: Collected keys and required features for snippets
  • Custom Reports: Ability to add required features for KpiOperands
  • Some performance optimizations on the report templates (Reduce the amount of HTML code; embed logo)
  • Replace former checkbox user controls with a new one
  • Some minor fixes in custom report backend code (providers, calculators, overtime handling)
  • Some localization changes
  • Display day of the week next to the date in Schedules table
  • Disable project hierarchy for users who has no permission for project management on report pages
  • Add Portuguese version of the latest list of changes (What's new page)
  • Fix for: Custom report fails when TUPs are generated but not used and during TUP generation the script ends
  • Fix for: Performance Summary report with empty KPI list throws when a KPI requires MobilePhoneCalls feature
  • Fix for: "Selected KPIs are not available" error message is shown when a Performance index is queried but all of the selected users are assigned to the default profile
  • Fix for: Collapse panel is active but the content is not visible in some rare cases

v307 (11/13/2019)

  • Ability to omit "Internal" reports from Report Statistics page
  • Some Outlook and Template Optimizations in Report templates feature
  • Custom Reports Performance boost: Re-use the compiled classes for all tiled reports except the 2 Performance Reports
  • Custom reports Performance boost: Creating and loading compiler providers only if necessary
  • Custom Reports: Remove ComputerActivity required feature from Workload and UserProd widgets
  • Custom Reports: Set collected keys and required features for KpiOperands
  • Custom Reports: Update calculators, worktimeSettingProvider
  • Change the order of the sections on ReportStatistics page
  • Add validation for creating/editing mobile rules
  • Productivity UI changes: add subdomain related description text at add URL dialog box
  • Productivity UI changes: disable POI/POI Tag dropdown when there is no item to select and add descriptive text to the add POI dialog box
  • Fix for: Project leaders cannot query reports
  • Fix for: In RTA the 20-minutes Activity chart shows no activity when Pc activity is depersonalized (GDPR) for the given user
  • Fix for: Dashboard save settings issue

v306 (11/6/2019)

  • Custom Reports: Allow future intervals in the worktime analysis report
  • Custom Reports: Rename typo in "OutgoungCallsTime" Kpi
  • Outlook Optimizations in HTML format of Performance reports (More accurate positioning of markers in Outlook; Use vector shapes for markers in Outlook; Accurate marker positioning when the value is 0% or close to 0%)
  • Specify visibility of KPIs for a company
  • Show Billing information even if Ecomm is not available on the server
  • Some localization changes
  • Fix for: Worktime by day report throws when queried in HTML format but omitting the Category column
  • Fix for: date is cached in custom string format on Schedules page which cannot be used after changing the language
  • Fix for: the template is duplicated when it is added to project

v305 (10/30/2019)

  • Custom Reports: Extend Dynamic Workflow report with report user's visibility settings
  • Custom Reports: Centralize default captured keys in default rules and report definitions
  • Custom Reports: Add HTML view for Productivity Analysis report
  • Log input parameters for POST version of custom report
  • Minor layout changes on holidays page
  • Rename DeleteManualWorkitems method to DeleteWorktimesInInterval on API
  • Schedules page should display negative interval error instead of Save not successful
  • Change holiday menu items localization, plus include holiday category type in request emails
  • Always show the horizontal menu on users page even in simple mode
  • Mobile rules should support ordering
  • Some minor cosmetics changes and fixes on the Mobile rules page
  • Some localization changes
  • Fix for: Custom Reports: Last tups were in reverse order in ProviderLinear
  • Fix for: Custom Reports: Only mobile tups get call information
  • Fix for: leaves table falls apart in IE
  • Fix for: Custom reports calculate with Windows time zones instead of stored time zones
  • Fix for: Html markup in task tooltip on RTA page
  • Fix for: On Performance Analysis report page the checkboxes of the last column of KPIs are not shown
  • Fix for: Some checkboxes on Daily schedules page do not work correctly
  • Fix: update checkbox list UI logic on System settings page
  • Fix for: In "Rule Restrictions" system setting the "Title cannot be changed" box cannot be changed only if "Rules cannot be overridden" box is set (instead of "Rule cannot be created and changed" being set)
  • Fix for: PcServerDailyWorktime fails when the user didn't work for a specific day
  • Fix for: Project leaders cannot get their project members in the project report

How to start

  • The desktop application is an integrated part of JobCTRL® which, in active status, documents work activity and records the active times spent on tasks and projects in order to create reports and detailed analytics about individual and corporate performances.

    If you have not downloaded and installed the desktop application yet then you can do it by choosing Install JobCTRL® applications from the dropdown next to your name on the upper right corner and after selecting the application you prefer.

    You can start or stop the application with a double click (with the left mouse button) on the icon (). (The system considers the IP address at registration as office network so it will show "Working in office" status if any user is connected to the internet from that address. Connection from any other address will be marked as "Working outside the office" status. If you find an error in the statuses shown, we suggest you to doublecheck the IP address settings in the Company networks menu () and modify them if necessary.)

    For your convenience the default setup is automated task generation and automated task switching, which further reduces the manual task administration. As long as the automated task generation and task switching mode is active it overwrites the manual task selection. You can make automated task documentation even more precise with setting up personal rules.

    You can switch off automated task switching mode any time in the Default settings menu () or by CTRL + double click on the desktop application icon (). It enables manual task selection until unlocking this feature the same way.

  • By default we have created a user group with you as the only member.

    To add more co-workers go to the Configure and Manage/Users, user groups settings/User accounts (). Here you can add more users in two ways: add them one by one by clicking on the new user icon or you can upload a complete group or organization with the downloadable Excel template.

    In the user hierarchy you can also move user groups and users in the batch with the "Mass move" icon.

  • All registered work is always linked to a specific task. So for accurate work administration you have to create the tasks that the users can work on in the Configure and Manage/Project, task/General data () menu. By default we have created 5 tasks (Administration, E-mail handling, JC360 Administration, Meeting, Break) from which you can already choose to register your work. When you create more new projects or tasks add its period, priority, target cost and estimated time.

    At the same time of adding new projects or tasks in the pop-up you can also assign them to your coworkers at the "Project members" or in the "Assignment" section.

  • You can achieve maximum accuracy in documenting work time with the automated task switch and logout features. You can easily set up automated rules with keywords in the Keyword based rules () menu.

    The system is capable to recognize keywords in the To, From or Subject line of the emails, in the title or the process name of the active applications, in the address bar (URL) of the browser or in Office document file names and file paths.

    Task switching rules apply to all users assigned to the tasks, while logout rules can be assigned to individual users, as well.

  • If you need to find out which of your coworkers are active, who are in the office or where the mobile users are then select the Real-time activity () menu. On this page you can see the continually updated statuses of users, including work locations (office, home or mobile position) and the latest daily work time statistics, the progress of their tasks, their work documented with the mobile application and the documented screenshots connected to their work on the computer.

    You can apply filters to focus only for a selected group of users or activity data.

  • In the Dashboard menu you can get a real time insight to the reports you’re the most interested in.

    You can see the following informations on the widgets: activities of the employees, their worktime of the previous days, their application usage and internet browsing. You can check their worktime balance and productive worktime on computer.

    As from the Reports menu, you can download the reports from here as well. You can add your favorite reports to your dashboard besides the default widgets.

  • On the Analyze and improve/Reports () page we have collected a variety of report templates to create your own statistics from the vast amount of work data collected by the applications. The reports are arranged into four groups according to their contents: Primary data reports, Activity reports, Aggregate business reports, Executive reports.

    You can save any of your customized report settings by adding them to your Favourite reports. You can also set up automated delivery for your favourite reports. This way you can access the latest statistics also from your mailbox in accordance with your report delivery settings.

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