Real-time activity

  1. Review the progress with tasks on the fly

    You can choose from several filtering options to select the users whose activity you would like monitor with almost no delay. The monitoring feature allow you to see the task they are working on, the daily active time including the beginning and the end of the work, a summary of the weekly and monthly work time. You can also see if they work from home or in the office, and in case of mobile application usage their location is also displayed on a map. (The system considers the IP address at registration as office network so it will show "Working in office" status if any user is connected to the internet from that address. Connection from any other address will be marked as "Working outside the office" status. If you find an error in the statuses shown, we suggest you to doublecheck the IP address settings in the Company networks menu () and modify them if necessary.)

  2. Detailed daily work activity on the "Diagrams" tab

    On the Diagrams tab you can see a diagram of the user's work time spent on tasks by percentage, the mouse and keyboard activity, the details of the user’s activity (on what tasks was the user working and from which application).

  3. Daily work time statistics on the "Work time" tab

    On the "Work time" tab the users' work time statistics can be seen for the given day. It shows the work time on computer and/or mobile, the offline work time, the inactivity, the work in and out of the office.

  4. Statuses of tasks on the "Project tasks" tab

    You can consult the progress of the projects, tasks (planned/actual data), how much time was documented on them on the given day, on the "Project tasks" tab.

  5. Work documented by the mobile application outside the office on the "GPS positions" tab

    You can see the locations, travels on a map if the user used the mobile application on the given day on the "GPS positions" tab.

  6. Screenshots of the last 20 minutes' activity on the computer on the "Screenshot" tab

    On the "Screenshots" tab you can see the screenshots of the last 20 minutes' activity on the computer. You can also reach the selected user’s screenshots of the whole day by a single click.

  7. Customize the user list with a number of filtering and ordering options

    In the search field you can look up for individual users or user groups to monitor their activity. You can also filter the displayed users by the application they are logged in (desktop, mobile, IVR) and by the current user statuses (online, offline and worked today).

    By clicking on the headers of the list you can order the displayed users by their name, the completed daily, weekly and monthly work time, and the start and end date.