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v484 (5/16/2024)

  • Create new systemsetting for adhoc meeting default taskid
  • Make website footer visibility configurable
  • Fix for: Suffixed sheetnames may not be unique to meet the requirement of 31 chars max sheetname length in excel
  • Fix for: worktime modification diagram's selection does not work well when the userTree (sidebar) is
  • Fix for: 1 day enddate offset problem regarding history collections for custom reports
  • WorkTimeViolationCalculator: Added missing prerequirements
  • Performance Analysis: Fix for offline time table shows participants even when there is none

v483 (4/24/2024)

  • Hide Ivr page for all users
  • Expose TargetWorktimeIntervals in Update and SetSystemSettings API methods
  • Add some new calendarexceptions to Mexician calendar
  • GamificationChartReport: Show daynames in report's culture and give more space for tier name labels on the chart.
  • Dashboard: Average Start/Finish widget kpi update to reflect other reports start/finish
  • Performance Summary: updated KPI table period label
  • Fix for: registration form throws a client side (javascript) error
  • DefaultTransactionReport: updated the business logic of the taskless transaction calculation
  • Fix for: Default Transaction report localization key

v482 (3/18/2024)

  • DataPrivacy page history should show only hand-made deletions
  • User's Firstworktime attribute should depend also upon mobile workitems
  • Adjust changepassword ticket validation expiries (to 30 days)
  • SystemSettings: Add missing tooltips for basic settings
  • Update Korean and Korean without red days calendars for 2024
  • Fix for: Some collections for reports are not serialized into rawdata excel
  • Fix for: Latest reportcollections cannot be serialized to excel rawdata
  • PerformanceIndexReport: New explanatory text for the KPI Table in report + auto localizations
  • CarpetDiagramReport: Add first and last worktime fields and use it when creating activity chart on the ModifyWorktime page (fix for activity chart not getting correct dates)
  • Add Sum KPI funcionality for Delta KPI-s when there is no expected time
  • PerformanceIndex: Fix for WeeklyCompany and WeeklyGroupCharts date showed a week later start in some cultures.
  • PointCalculator: Added nonworkday calculation method to KPI-s where Expected Time is the divisor (Expected Time on nonworkday is 0)
  • DailyWorkTimeReport: Fix for if there is no work time for comment
  • Fix for: Performance summary report showed the whole period even when last week was selected for kpi summary and added label for KPI table period

v481 (1/31/2024)

  • Productivity excel export should support rows over 1M
  • Provide company history for GDPR changes to audit report
  • Fix for: realtimeActivity does not show the dynamic value in worktime tab (on the inactive period row)
  • Fix for: Wrong reportformat calculated for scheduled userreports
  • Fix for: RTA datetimes are not localized
  • Fix for: History on worktime modifications page and worktime request approval page are now filtered for irrelevant entries created by offline worktime windows
  • Fix for: Scrolling to the input in worktime modification page in all cases (delete, modify, add, etc)
  • Fix for: Deletion of personal user data may fail for users with no active company found
  • Fix for: Clientautorule xml differences with copy to clipboard button on website
  • Performance Summary report: updated profile summary rows
  • PerformanceIndex Report: Write longer group name in weekly group charts when there is multiple identical group names
  • PerformanceIndex Report: Fix for extra column in profile summary row
  • PerformanceIndex Report: Reformatting
  • WorktimeByDayReport: Don't override default email template and attach excel to emails

v480 (1/11/2024)

  • Provide custom reports with userid, companyid, layouttype and environment info
  • Reports should see Offlineworktime collection
  • Regexes on KeywordBasedRules page are now validated
  • Update calendar holidays for 2024
  • Create Indian and Brazilian (Curvelo) calendar
  • Add brackets for weekly and monthly planned values on Realtime Activity page
  • Performance Summary report: added base for summary rows
  • WorktimeByDayReport: Add alternating row coloring between two users information in Excel template
  • Performance Analysis report: updated profile based functionality to summarize only based on profile AND group (previously summarized on profile only)
  • Introduced new rating KPI operands with corresponding calculator
  • Added Ratings related operands to CalculatorProvider for global usage
  • Fix for: Central rules page's copy rule to clipboard feature should show the exact client xml
  • Fix for: Performance Summary report was referred as Performance Summary in e-mail header
  • Fix for: in RealtimeActivity page add a tooltip with a group path when hovering on user
  • Fix for: wrong container was used during calculatorSplitter creation for KPI calculation

v479 (12/4/2023)

  • Add calendars for 2024
  • CarpetDiagramReport: Merge workitems with same taskId if they meet in time (improvement on tooltips)
  • Fix for: Productivity settings are not recalculated in every usecase they should be
  • Fix for: CentralRules page error when posting back page

v478 (11/28/2023)

  • CentralRules page should include hidden info of generated xml for each rule
  • Fix for: Task comment icon is still visible some pages while menuitem is forbidden via systemsettings
  • Fix for: New React based RTA fails to load when task management level is is set to None
  • Fix for: In certain cases the holiday calendar shows improper tooltip details
  • Fix for: Holidaycalendar throws error when changing display language
  • Fix for: Productivity settings are not recalculated in every usecase they should be
  • Fix for: Worktime modification's datepicker throws a javascript error in MS Edge after changing
  • Reporting: Made highlighted kpi based doughnut chart's data more readable
  • Fix for: PerfanalReport's group summary rows were duplicated when user from the same group had different profiles
  • Performance Analysis: updated profile based funcionality with proper summary rows
  • Fix for: Performance Analysis profile based summary rows should be visible even when the groups share only one profile
  • Fix for: ResourceManager (new) header shows incorrectly the summary's days
  • Fix for: certain groups cannot be added to profiles (in profile page)
  • Fix for: report page throws unexpected loading & error
  • PerformanceIndex: Fix for Excel template running into VB macro error because of the new RAW_UserSheet metadata sheet

v477 (10/30/2023)

  • Rewrite RealTimeActivity page based on React.js
  • Rewrite old WorkflowReport to speed up fetching raw data
  • Productivity and WorktimeSchedule calculation should calculate for inactive users as well, just like SystemSetting does
  • Create new region-agnostic calendars for Brazil, Malaysia, Peru and Spain
  • Let PerformanceAnalysis report know whether Kpi list is explicitly supplied from UI by a user or must be populated via profile list
  • Profile kpi order based behavior to Performance Analysis and Summary riports
  • Add user metadata sheet for every customreport
  • Fix for: All Standardreports are sent hourly
  • Fix for: Performance Analysis profile based functionality

v476 (10/11/2023)

  • Introduce Turkish, Romanian, Indonesian and Filipino languages
  • Setup scheduled audit alert report
  • Implement RealTimeActivity V2 based on React.js (and remove angular v1 dependency)
  • Create censor rule history + available to reports
  • CustomReports: new Alert audit report version for scheduling
  • Fix for: Systemsetting excel download fails due some orphaned database records
  • Fix for: Dictrules assignment change wrong historyitem serialization
  • Performance Analysis: Fix for runtime exception when groupnames of users are the same even though they are not in the same group + some code refactoring

v475 (9/7/2023)

  • Make productivity history available for reports
  • Create central rules history and make it available to reports
  • Audit report: Added more information about tasks and users and temporarily removed alert feature for revision
  • ProductivityCategorization: Fix for filtering the URL's which already has been set productive by a regex rule
  • PerformanceAnalysis report's KPI list should be populated by assigned profiles when KPI list is empty

How to start

  • The desktop application is an integrated part of JC360® which, in active status, documents work activity and records the active times spent on tasks and projects in order to create reports and detailed analytics about individual and corporate performances.

    If you have not downloaded and installed the desktop application yet then you can do it by choosing Install JC360® applications from the dropdown next to your name on the upper right corner and after selecting the application you prefer.

    You can start or stop the application with a double click (with the left mouse button) on the icon (). (The system considers the IP address at registration as office network so it will show "Working in office" status if any user is connected to the internet from that address. Connection from any other address will be marked as "Working outside the office" status. If you find an error in the statuses shown, we suggest you to doublecheck the IP address settings in the Company networks menu () and modify them if necessary.)

    For your convenience the default setup is automated task generation and automated task switching, which further reduces the manual task administration. As long as the automated task generation and task switching mode is active it overwrites the manual task selection. You can make automated task documentation even more precise with setting up personal rules.

    You can switch off automated task switching mode any time in the Default settings menu () or by CTRL + double click on the desktop application icon (). It enables manual task selection until unlocking this feature the same way.

  • By default we have created a user group with you as the only member.

    To add more co-workers go to the Configure and Manage/Users, user groups settings/User accounts (). Here you can add more users in two ways: add them one by one by clicking on the new user icon or you can upload a complete group or organization with the downloadable Excel template.

    In the user hierarchy you can also move user groups and users in the batch with the "Mass move" icon.

  • All registered work is always linked to a specific task. So for accurate work administration you have to create the tasks that the users can work on in the Configure and Manage/Project, task/General data () menu. By default we have created 5 tasks (Administration, E-mail handling, JC360 Administration, Meeting, Break) from which you can already choose to register your work. When you create more new projects or tasks add its period, priority, target cost and estimated time.

    At the same time of adding new projects or tasks in the pop-up you can also assign them to your coworkers at the "Project members" or in the "Assignment" section.

  • You can achieve maximum accuracy in documenting work time with the automated task switch and logout features. You can easily set up automated rules with keywords in the Keyword based rules () menu.

    The system is capable to recognize keywords in the To, From or Subject line of the emails, in the title or the process name of the active applications, in the address bar (URL) of the browser or in Office document file names and file paths.

    Task switching rules apply to all users assigned to the tasks, while logout rules can be assigned to individual users, as well.

  • If you need to find out which of your coworkers are active, who are in the office or where the mobile users are then select the Real-time activity () menu. On this page you can see the continually updated statuses of users, including work locations (office, home or mobile position) and the latest daily work time statistics, the progress of their tasks, their work documented with the mobile application and the documented screenshots connected to their work on the computer.

    You can apply filters to focus only for a selected group of users or activity data.

  • The active time with tasks, applications, documents, e-mails or websites which are set as productive compared to the total registered work time. In case of desktop time only the active time is used for calculation. (Active time is when desktop keyboard activity is not interrupted with breaks longer than the given report parameter.)

  • In the Dashboard menu you can get a real time insight to the reports you’re the most interested in.

    You can see the following informations on the widgets: activities of the employees, their worktime of the previous days, their application usage and internet browsing. You can check their worktime balance and productive worktime on computer.

    As from the Reports menu, you can download the reports from here as well. You can add your favorite reports to your dashboard besides the default widgets.

  • On the Analyze and improve/Reports () page we have collected a variety of report templates to create your own statistics from the vast amount of work data collected by the applications. The reports are arranged into four groups according to their contents: Primary data reports, Activity reports, Aggregate business reports, Executive reports.

    You can save any of your customized report settings by adding them to your Favourite reports. You can also set up automated delivery for your favourite reports. This way you can access the latest statistics also from your mailbox in accordance with your report delivery settings.

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